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Why a Virtual School
  • Adding virtual classes to our ongoing enrichment program in the classrooms is a must in the XXI century.
  • One to one video lessons helps kids gain confidence and fluency in Spanish while having fun.
  • No more driving! We make it easy for busy moms. Class happens from the convenience of your home.
The Program
  • A program that aims to develop communicational skills for the XXI century.
  • Based on a conversational approach students learn fast through games and interactive activities that leads them to speak the language.
  • One on one sessions, you can pick up a day and time of your convenience and take the class from your own home.
  • Need to prepare for a test? Take just a few classes and get ready to success!

EA Virtual School Programs

Preschool program

Children from 2 to 5 years old

Kids program

Children from 6 to 12 years old

Youth and Adults program

From 13 years old to adults

How it works

  • Students have live video sessions with a tutor of your choice.
  • You can choose between a variety of tutors from different countries. We hire native speakers tutors so you can pick up the Spanish accent you like best.
  • During class your child will learn new vocabulary, practice different tasks, play learning games and more.
  • The tutor will share their screen and show Educando a América’s learning materials to your child.
  • After the class, you will receive and email with a brief summary of the lesson.

What is different about EA Virtual school?


After 15 years of teaching Spanish in the classroom we know that it is time to take the Spanish out of the class and show students a world of possibilities with online resources.

Family Opportunities

By adding a Virtual School to our regular classes we are giving families the opportunity to adjust the Spanish class to their busy schedules in a day and time that fits to their convenience.

Excelence Trajectory

Educando a América already offers an effective and succesfull curriculum inside the classrooms. We are only expanding the classrooms to the world.

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